The letter C is
Turn it 90 degrees
see an umbrella,
even a tree;
try to stop it’s breath,
“o” is the end result;
draw a straight line it becomes a “d”;
draw downwards, it gifts you a “q”;
spin180 degrees, see a “p”;
repeat it with “d” ,you get a “b”;
cut its stomach and enjoy the “e”.
You are so amazing “c”.

Corona free life or a life of a Minimalist

Of late,I have forgotten to converse. I have buried my speaking skills.
I have started to introspect myself.
I have stopped eating unhealthy food.
I have not shopped for the last 40 days.
I have become more sensitive towards needy.
I have developed a habit of wearing a face mask.
I have accepted this new way of life.
The life of Corona free,
life of a Minimalist.


The Lunch Box

How scared I was,
left home,
wearing a white shirt
and navy blue pants,
stripped tie with a triangular batch,
a name card around my neck,
and bus card sticked to my bag,
for a different school,
in an unknown city
with a bunch of fools
sitting behind my back.
I, an introvert
sat next to a chatterbox
who stared me
through out the first half
and talked behind my back
“He is so chubby. “,
planning to pull my cheeks
in the recess .
The bell rang,
“Open your lunch box
and enjoy your break “.

I hesitantly opened my bag,
a Tiffin full of fruits and nuts
on one half  and Gobi da paratha resting on the next,
seeing it someone was highly impressed,
none other than my seat mate and future best friend,
turned towards me and shook his hands,
saying “till the paratha do us apart”.
This is how I and my best friend met.
This is what a lunch box meant.