Today Avheer turned five months old. He woke up at five am. He received a congratulatory kiss. It’s a blessing . Yes, it was early. I fed him. I sensed he is a mood of celebration and after giving some beautiful toothless smiles, he slept till 6 30 am. I also took a nap. Mornings are early in my life. I have a habit of completing everything in one go and then taking rest and start my own schedule. It’s difficult to have a life after a new born especially with your first born as it’s a new feeling and every mom tends to enjoy it.

Today as it was Hemant’s week off, he started playing with Avheer and I went into kitchen complaining I don’t have eggs and I am missing chicken. After marriage, complaining becomes somewhat a part of life. Mine started just when my third trimester ended, around eighth month. It was so not due to emotional or hormonal changes or stress .I was restricted to go out. Safety Protocol.

Hemant had breakfast outside and I had puri with alu sabji. It was yummy. Do try it . I had to line up few appointments, one of  a Physiotherapy Consultant and a regular follow up of the operating doctor of Avheer. Avheer had an anomaly when he was born. His food pipe was open and any oral intake would have taken his life. Thank fully doctors found it out minutes after his birth and the same was operated. He was in NICU for around 15 days. The first one was rescheduled to Thursday, 26th May 24, 2022. The second one is at 6 pm.

Lunch was simple. Plain rice, daal and bhindi bhujiya.Sometimes it’s  good to have a simple meal. It tasted healthy. Me and my husband had a special moment . Its obivious. Its his week off.

I took a nap for 30 mins. Hemant woke me up at 5 pm. I got ready, prepared my bag . Avheer is wearing his new dress today named Teddy, a local purchase. He looked cute in it. I wore yellow tee and denim. Hemant had a T shirt and blue denims on.

There was a queue . We were fouth to visit the doctor . He was happy to see his progress and eventually for the first time in the last five months, his medicine was removed, one of them. One needs to continue for the rest two to three months.

It was a happy day for me. Finally my son will be free . He will be free of all the medications and precautions. He can play like a normal child and lay down seeing the sky. Thank you God for bringing this day and being their by our side.

I celebrated by having a chicken roll . Slept happy, full of content with a smile. 



The letter C is
Turn it 90 degrees
see an umbrella,
even a tree;
try to stop it’s breath,
“o” is the end result;
draw a straight line it becomes a “d”;
draw downwards, it gifts you a “q”;
spin180 degrees, see a “p”;
repeat it with “d” ,you get a “b”;
cut its stomach and enjoy the “e”.
You are so amazing “c”.